Submission deadline: 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Registration deadline: 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Purpose of this workshop is to favour the exchange of ideas and discussion on last results among leading physicists working in the interconnected fields of Quantum Information and Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, in particular in the framework of quantum optics.

Note: The job description below is not specific to quantum cryptography, but we are particularly interested in a researcher with a focus or a background on quantum cryptography / quantum complexity / quantum information.

=== Researcher (postdoc) in cryptography ===
=== University of Tartu ===

The Cryptography group at the University of Tartu, Estonia, is looking
for a researcher (postdoc) in cryptography, preferably with strengths
on one of the following topics:

We are looking for a suitable candidate to carry out a PhD thesis in our group working with ion traps and lasers to perform precision experiments with laser-cooled Ca+ ions in a Paul and in a Penning trap. The selected candidate will work on running a Paul-trap experiment to perform side-band cooling on a single Ca+ ion, using diode lasers and a Ti:Sa laser. He/she will participate in the development of a device referred to as Quantum Sensor in the framework of the project TRASPENSOR funded by the European Research Council.

Submission deadline: 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Registration deadline: 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Paper submissions are invited in the rapidly growing field of quantum communication networks. Quantum communication technologies are advancing swiftly to achieve their grand objective of being part of our daily lives. The past few years, in particular, have witnessed tremendous progress toward this end. The focused workshop on quantum communication networks would bring together experts in the field for two days of scientific discussions and collaboration. The workshop consists of invited and contributed talks as well as open free style sessions to initiate collaborations and team building.

Registration deadline: 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This workshop is intended to discuss recent progress and challenges in the physical implementation of quantum science (e.g. quantum information and computation, simulation, cryptography, metrology, foundations, etc.). Therefore, the workshop aims at a balanced mixture between theorists and experimentalists from a variety of fields: optical lattices, trapped ions, atomic ensembles, cavity QED, NV-centers, quantum dots, quantum circuits, quantum nanomechanical resonators, (nano)photonics, etc.

The Department of Physics is seeking a scientist with an international reputation in theoretical Quantum Information Technology (QIT) to advance the University’s ground-breaking work within the field.

Submission deadline: 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Registration deadline: 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is the third of a series of conferences which were organized previously in Valencia and Okazaki. In the next conference in Pisa emphasis will be given to the properties of quantum walks also in relations to quantum simulations.

The list of invited speakers include: A. Alberti (Bonn), M. Barbieri (Oxford) T. Busch (Cork), C. Gross (Munich), M. Lewenstein (Barcelona), M. Inguscio (Firenze), S. Lloyd (Cambridge, USA), V. Pellegrini (Pisa), B. Sanders (Calgary), F. Sciarrino (Roma), C. Silberhorn (Paderborn), E. Solano (Bilbao), R.F. Werner (Hannover).

Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Institute for Quantum Computing
The Institute for Quantum Computing is inviting applications for postdoctoral positions in all aspects of quantum information processing, bridging areas from fundamental theory to physical implementations.

Research Associate in Quantum Coherence in Non-equilibrium Light Matter Systems

UCL, Physics and Astronomy

Salary (inclusive of London allowance) £32,375 - £39,132 per annum

Start: as soon as possible

Duties and Responsibilities:

The main aim of this project is to explore novel emergent phenomena in far from equilibrium quantum systems with a particular focus on light-matter systems such as microcavity polaritons, quantum spins, circuit and cavity QED systems. There are two Research Associates positions available on this project.

Submission deadline: 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Registration deadline: 

Monday, December 30, 2013

This program will deal with quantum cryptography, quantum computing and quantum repeaters. The goal of this event is to introduce this exciting topic in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere to a general audience of physicists and computer scientists with little or no background in practical quantum communications. Special emphasis will be placed on practical aspects of quantum communications, such as the implementation of Quantum Key distribution systems and quantum repeaters, as well as concrete steps towards a quantum computer.


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