Applications are invited for a 2-3 years long postdoctoral position to work with Dr. Andrzej Dragan on the interdisciplinary field of relativistic quantum information. The research is aiming at exploiting relativity to improve quantum information tasks and studying quantum information protocols in the presence of gravity. Candidates must be motivated, confident and creative. They must have a PhD in physics and experience with quantum theory and relativity. Knowledge of quantum information and quantum optics is also desirable.

Registration deadline: 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Event date: Dec 30, 2013 - Jan 9, 2014

* Organizers:
DIrector: John Preskill (Caltech)
Co-directors: Michael Ben-Or (HebrewU), Patrick Hayden (McGill)
General Director: David Gross (UCSB)

* Lecturers:
Scott Aaronson (MIT)
David DiVincenzo (Aachen)
Daniel Harlow (Princeton)
Michal Horodecki (Gdansk)
Stephen Jordan (NIST)
Rob Myers (Perimeter)
Renato Renner (ETH)
Ady Stern (Weizmann)
Barbara Terhal (Aachen)
Frank Verstraete (Vienna)

This inaugural workshop of the Centre for Quantum Mathematics and Computation will seek to take stock of contemporary foundational ideas in mathematics, computer science, and physics. Alongside invited talks by world experts, informal events will be held, such as problem sessions and research planning activities. Particular attention will be devoted to the organizing role played by logical structures, and how this illuminates our understanding of such diverse areas as quantum field theory, geometry, semantics of computation, and quantum information.

Description of the research: The research concerns with the theoretical study of the dynamical Casimir and Casimir-Polder effect, in particular the possibility of detecting these effects using Rydberg atoms, which are characterized by high polarizabilities and appropriate transition frequencies. More specifically, we plan to study the dynamics and the excitation probability of Rydberg atoms with high principal quantum number (n>50) trapped near an oscillating plate, or a plate whose refractive index is periodically changed (dynamical mirror).

The meeting will showcase highlights in quantum algorithms research. We will have two days of outstanding speakers invited from around the world to talk about their recent work. Continuing the success of previous events, we expect the discussions to be lively and informative.

The Workshop on "Incompatible Quantum Measurements" is an event gathering scientists from the topic of quantum measurements and quantum foundations. The [ Opening day on "Quantum Measurement Theory"] (9.9., Hörsaal 2) will be devoted more generally to the theory of quantum measurements and will feature three talks by eminent researchers in the field of quantum foundations and measurement theory:
* Rob Spekkens (Perimeter Institute, Canada)
* Teiko Heinosaari (University of Turku, Finland)

PhD Scholarship in the Engineering of Hybrid Quantum Systems
Physical Sciences/Other Physical Sciences

A theoretical post-doctoral position is available for up to 30 months to investigate the "bad emitter regime" of cavity quantum electrodynamics, with the aim to develop a new generation of quantum devices exploiting decoherence for single photon or indistinguishable photon generation at room temperature. This regime where decoherence mostly affects the quantum emitter and not the optical resonator is completely specific to solid-state artificial atoms and cavities.

A post-doctoral position is available for up to 30 months to develop theoretical approaches in the growing field of thermodynamics of quantum information. The purpose of the work is to suggest and model experiments in close connection with experimental groups, with special emphasis on circuit QED and opto-mechanics of hybrid systems.

Applicants should have brought contributions in one or more of the following areas:
- theory of quantum optics
- theory of circuit QED
- theory of opto-mechanics
- foundations of quantum physics and quantum information

The positions are within the Quantum Optics and Quantum Simulators Group lead by Dr. Dimitris G. Angelakis in the Centre of Quantum Technologies (CQT) ( The group's research interests span most aspects of theoretical quantum optics and its applications in implementations of quantum computation and quantum simulations.


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