Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
PhD positions in quantum computation & sensing at Warwick 02/01/2022 PhD
PhD Fellowships in Quantum Science & Technology 07/01/2022 Fellowship, PhD
PhD and Postdoc Positions on Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics in QNanoLight 10/01/2022 PhD, PostDoc
Associate Professor in Silicon Nano Fabrication at DTU Nanolab 11/01/2022 Other, Professorship
Research Associate in Experimental Quantum Communications 12/01/2022 PostDoc
Two two-year postdoc positions 15/01/2022 PostDoc
Postdoc positions in quantum information & computation @ Technical University of Munich 15/01/2022 PostDoc
LEAD RESEARCHER (TENURE TRACK) POSITION@Quantum Research Center, TII 15/01/2022 Professorship
Postdoc position in Quantum Sensing and Optical Magnetometry at the University of Nottingham (UK) 24/01/2022 PostDoc
PhD in Electrical control of probabilistic bits in chiral molecules (INPhINIT fellowship) 27/01/2022 Fellowship, PhD
PhD position in Experimental Quantum Optics and Quantum Information 30/01/2022 PhD
Postdoc position in experimental quantum crypto 30/01/2022 PostDoc
PhD position on the theory of many-body quantum engines (University of Tuebingen/Germany) 31/01/2022 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Methods for Quantum Information and Quantum Control Technologies 31/01/2022 PostDoc
Quantum simulation with Multi-electron Rydberg and Magnetic Atoms (@Innsbruck) 31/01/2022 PhD, PostDoc
PostDoc position in quantum simulation with ultracold atoms in optical lattices (Tuebingen/Germany) 31/01/2022 PostDoc
Postdoc / quantum software engineer in device characterization and error-mitigation 31/01/2022 Other, PostDoc
PostDoc position in quantum computing with ultracold atoms in tweezers (Tuebingen/Germany) 31/01/2022 PostDoc
PhD position in quantum computing with ultracold atoms in tweezers (Tuebingen/Germany) 31/01/2022 PhD
Positions in Photonic Quantum Technology 31/01/2022 PhD, PostDoc