Title Application deadline Job type
PhD, Postdoctoral and Senior Researcher Positions in Quantum non-Gaussian Physics 31/08/2023 Other, PhD, PostDoc
Research Associate, Experimental Quantum Communications, UNSW Sydney 12/08/2023 PostDoc
PhD positions in Quantum Science and Technologies at the Quantum Things Group, Department of Engineering, University of Palermo, Italy 11/08/2023 PhD
Research Fellow in Quantum Simulation of topological phases and many-body dynamics with Rydberg interactions 08/03/2023 PostDoc
PhD in Machine Learning for Many-Body Quantum Physics in Ecole Polytechnique, Paris 26/07/2023 PhD
Research Associate in Quantum Information Processing 01/08/2023 PostDoc
PhD and postdoc positions in theory of quantum computing in Paris 21/08/2023 Fellowship, PhD, PostDoc
Autumn 2023 Call for theses in Grenoble 10/06/2023 PhD
PhD on Photonic crystal nanostructures for strong atom-photon interaction in a quantum network 15/09/2023 PhD
Quantum Coherent Control of Atomic and Molecular Spin Centers in an STM 01/10/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Mathematical Physics 26/07/2023 Professorship
Post-doctoral Fellow 30/07/2023 PostDoc
PhD Student in Software Engineering for Quantum Computing PhD
Postdoc position at University of Valencia (Spain) 13/07/2023 PostDoc
Lectureships (University of Galway) 13/07/2023 Other
Post-doc in Quantum Compiling 07/07/2023 PostDoc
Post-docs in Quantum Error Correction 14/07/2023 PostDoc
Senior Research Scientist, Theoretical Quantum Cryptography 01/09/2023 Other
PDRA position in quantum algorithms for many-body systems in London 09/07/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc in cutting-edge research in quantum technologies 31/07/2023 PostDoc