Title Application deadline Job type
PhD in Superconducting Quantum Devices: Spin Resonance With Squeezed Microwaves 30/05/2023 PhD
PhD in Diamond Quantum Technologies 30/04/2023 PhD
Postdoc Positions in Quantum Networks and Applications 07/05/2023 PostDoc
Phd Positions in Quantum Networking 07/05/2023 PhD
Sydney Quantum PhD Scholarship applications open 01/10/2023 PhD
PhD Opening at QuaCS PhD
Postdocs at U. Paris-Saclay 30/06/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc position in Theoretical Quantum Physics 31/07/2023 PostDoc
PhD position in Experimental Quantum communication: Generation of high dimensional entangled states (Stockholm University) 24/04/2023 PhD
Building connections in Hybrid Quantum Systems 03/05/2023 PhD
Principal investigator in experimental condensed matter physics: quantum transport in nanoelectronic devices 07/05/2023 Other
PhD student in quantum optics: optical micro-resonators 07/05/2023 PhD
Post-doctoral position in polymer or hybrid systems quantum photonics 07/05/2023 PostDoc
Post-doctoral researcher in the field of laser radiation - matter (atoms and color centers in diamond crystals) interaction and/or quantum magnetic field sensors 07/05/2023 PostDoc
PhD position at the Laser Centre of the University of Latvia in Nitrogen - vacancy centers in diamond crystals and/or alkali atom based quantum sensors 07/05/2023 PhD
PhD student in quantum photonic element development 07/05/2023 PhD
2023 KIAS Recruitment Announcement for QUC Research Fellow Positions 30/06/2023 PostDoc
2023 KIAS Recruitment Announcement for QUC Fellow (QUC Assistant professor) Positions 30/06/2023 Fellowship, PostDoc, Professorship
PhD and Postdoc Positions in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics 01/04/2024 PhD, PostDoc
PhD and Postdoc positions in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Many-Body Physics 23/04/2023 PhD, PostDoc