Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
PhD student in theoretical AMO / ultracold physics 31/08/2019 Fellowship, PhD
PhD Fellowships in Quantum Information at The University of Hong Kong (academic year 2020/2021) 31/08/2019 PhD
PhD and postdoctoral positions at Institute for Theoretical Physics, Ulm 01/09/2019 PhD, PostDoc
PhD position on Quantum algorithms and complexity, at CWI Amsterdam 02/09/2019 PhD
Postdoc Position at Los Alamos National Laboratory 04/09/2019 PostDoc
Post Doc at UCLA in Quantum Machine Learning 04/09/2019 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Quantum Computing 08/09/2019 PostDoc
Simon Fraser University: Tier 1 or 2 Canada Research Chair in Quantum Information Science 09/09/2019 Professorship
Postdoc: Quantum Computations for Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Dynamics 10/09/2019 PostDoc
Tenure Track in Computational Algebraic Geometry with competences in Quantum Information 12/09/2019 Other, PostDoc
PhD in Satellite Quantum Key Distribution and Communication 13/09/2019 PhD
New tenure-track position in quantum algorithms and applications of quantum computers at CWI/QuSoft 15/09/2019 Professorship
Postdoctoral Fellowship on Solid-State Quantum Memory with Nuclear Spins - University of Cambridge 15/09/2019 Fellowship, PostDoc
PhD Scholarship - Quantum Communications, UNSW Sydney, Australia 15/09/2019 PhD
Tenure-track position quantum algorithms and applications of quantum computers 15/09/2019 Professorship
PostDoc in Quantum Cryptography at QuSoft 15/09/2019 PostDoc
Post-doctoral Researcher for Quantum Open Systems group, ICTQT, UG 16/09/2019 PostDoc
Post-doctoral Researcher for Foundational Underpinnings of Quantum Technologies group, ICTQT, UG 16/09/2019 PostDoc
Research position at Riverlane 19/09/2019 PostDoc
PhD student position in Quantum Optics 20/09/2019 PhD