Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Post-doc position, "Spin qubits in SiC quantum devices" 21/06/2019 PostDoc
Two postdoc positions on quantum networks in Christoph Simon's theoretical quantum optics group (Calgary) 25/06/2019 PostDoc
Research Associate postdoctoral positions in Florence 26/06/2019 PostDoc
Research Associate in quantum simulation for new quantum materials at Imperial College, London 28/06/2019 PostDoc
Several postdocs to build a quantum computer 29/06/2019 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in quantum metrology and sensing 30/06/2019 PostDoc
Quantum Software Developer | Full-Time | Toronto 30/06/2019 Other
Research Scientist 30/06/2019 Other, PostDoc
PhD positions in experimental quantum technologies 30/06/2019 PhD
Post-doc position in satellite quantum communication 30/06/2019 PostDoc
Post-doc position in continuous-variable quantum communication 30/06/2019 PostDoc
PhD Position in Quantum Information Theory (Siegen, Germany) 07/07/2019 PhD
PhD Position - Quantum Acoustics and Superconducting Qubits - Theory 12/07/2019 PhD
PhD Scholarship - Quantum Communications, UNSW Sydney, Australia 12/07/2019 PhD
PhD position on telecom-wavelength spin qubits 12/07/2019 PhD
Scientia PhD position 12/07/2019 PhD
PhD position - Quantum resources of composite open systems for applications in quantum information - University of Palermo (Italy) 13/07/2019 PhD
Postdoc on photonic quantum fluids 15/07/2019 PostDoc
PhD position in Theoretical Quantum Physics at LMU Munich 15/07/2019 PhD
Postdoc position in Theoretical Quantum Physics at LMU Munich 15/07/2019 PostDoc