Directional Interactions of Quantum Emitters in Two-dimensional Structured Reservoirs. (arXiv:1705.06673v1 [quant-ph])

We show that the coupling of quantum emitters to a two-dimensional reservoir
with a simple band structure gives rise to exotic quantum dynamics with no
analogue in other scenarios and which can not be captured by standard
perturbative treatments. In particular, for a single quantum emitter with its
transition frequency in the middle of the band we predict an exponential
relaxation at a rate different from that predicted by the Fermi's Golden rule,
followed by overdamped oscillations and slow relaxation decay dynamics. This is
accompanied by directional emission into the reservoir. This directionality
leads to a modification of the emission rate for few emitters and even perfect
subradiance, i.e., suppression of spontaneous emission, for four quantum

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