Exact dynamics following an interaction quench in a one-dimensional anyonic gas. (arXiv:1705.06470v1 [cond-mat.quant-gas])

We study the nonequilibrium quench dynamics of a one-dimensional anyonic gas.
We focus on the integrable anyonic Lieb-Liniger model and consider the quench
from non-interacting to hard-core anyons. We study the dynamics of the local
properties of the system. By means of integrability-based methods we compute
analytically the one-body density matrix and the density-density correlation
function at all times after the quench and in particular at infinite time. Our
results show that the system evolves from an initial state where the local
momentum distribution function is non-symmetric to a steady state where it
becomes symmetric. Furthermore, while the initial momentum distribution
functions (and the equilibrium ones) explicitly depend on the anyonic
parameter, the final ones do not. This is reminiscent of the dynamical
fermionization observed in the context of free expansions after release from a
confining trap.

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