A Josephson frequency for fractionally charged anyons. (arXiv:1806.03117v2 [cond-mat.mes-hall] UPDATED)

Anyons occur in two-dimensional electron systems as excitations with
fractional charge in the topologically ordered states of the Fractional Quantum
Hall Effect (FQHE). Their dynamics are of utmost importance for topological
quantum phases and possible decoherence free quantum information approaches,
but observing these dynamics experimentally is challenging. Here we report on a
dynamical property of anyons: the long predicted Josephson relation fJ=e*V/h
for charges e*=e/3 and e/5, where e is the charge of the electron and h is
Planck's constant. The relation manifests itself as marked signatures in the
dependence of Photo Assisted Shot Noise (PASN) on voltage V when irradiating
contacts at microwaves frequency fJ. The validation of FQHE PASN models
indicates a path towards realizing time-resolved anyon sources based on

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