Lateral Casimir-Polder forces by breaking time-reversal symmetry. (arXiv:1712.04327v1 [quant-ph])

We examine the lateral Casimir-Polder force acting on a circular rotating
emitter near a dielectric plane surface. As the circular motion breaks
time-reversal symmetry, the spontaneous emission in a direction parallel to the
surface is in general anisotropic. We show that a lateral force arises which
can be interpreted as a recoil force because of this asymmetric emission. The
force is an oscillating function of the distance between the emitter and the
surface, and the lossy character of the dielectric strongly influences the
results in the near-field regime. The force exhibits also a population-induced
dynamics, decaying exponentially with respect to time on timescales of the
inverse of the spontaneous decay rate. We propose that this effect could be
detected measuring the velocity acquired by the emitter, following different
cycles of excitation and thermalisation. Our results are expressed in terms of
the Green's tensor and can therefore easily be applied to more complex

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