Phonon antibunching effect in coupled nonlinear micro/nanomechanical resonator at finite temperature. (arXiv:1708.01392v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

In this study, we investigate the phonon antibunching effect in a coupled
nonlinear micro/nanoelectromechanical system (MEMS/NEMS) resonator at a finite
temperature. In the weak driving limit, the optimal condition for phonon
antibunching is given by solving the stationary Liouville-von Neumann master
equation. We show that at low temperature, the phonon antibunching effect
occurs in the regime of weak nonlinearity and mechanical coupling, which is
confirmed by analytical and numerical solutions. We also find that thermal
noise can degrade or even destroy the antibunching effect for different
mechanical coupling strengths. Furthermore, a transition from strong
antibunching to bunching for phonon correlation has been observed in the
temperature domain. Finally, we find that a suitably strong driving in the
finite-temperature case would help to preserve an optimal phonon correlation
against thermal noise.

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