Positivity and causal localizability in higher spin quantum field theories. (arXiv:1712.02346v2 [math-ph] CROSS LISTED)

The relation between massive and massless vector (tensor) potentials is
reviewed in the light of recent progress concerning the connection between
positivity-preserving renormalizable interactions and a weakening of causal
localization. The resulting string-(or ray-) localized free fields extend the
smooth passage between massive 2-point functions and their massless helicity
counterparts to any spin and resolves problems of degrees of freedom counting
which have their origin in the gauge theoretic presence of unphysical degrees
of freedom. The so extended local quantum physics has its strongest impact on
interacting theories. The use of a short distance-improving string-local "field
coordinatization" allows a subtle separation of short-distance singular terms
which can be disposed in the adiabatic limit, and a short distance-improved
part which accounts for the physics. Unlike the standard setting of
perturbation theory it avoids the use of any parallelism to classical field
theories as Lagrangian quantization (Jordan's "without classical crutches") in
favor of concepts which are intrinsic to QFT. It leads to a significant
extension of QFT which includes a more foundational understanding of the role
of the Higgs particle and fibre bundle like structures of selfinteracting
higher spin fields as consequences of the positivity-preserving causal
localization principles of QFT.

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