Quantum electrodynamics near photonic Weyl points. (arXiv:1903.07513v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

Weyl photons appear when two three-dimensional photonic bands with linear
dispersion are degenerate at a single momentum point, labeled as Weyl point.
These points have remarkable properties such as being robust topological
monopoles of Berry curvature as well as an associated vanishing density of
states. Here, we study the quantum optical consequences of such topological
Weyl photons by characterizing the individual and collective dynamics of
quantum emitters close to resonance with these points. Using an exact
non-perturbative treatment, we predict the development of non-exponential decay
dynamics due to the emergence of localized photonic states around the emitters.
We find that these bound states, whose wavefunction displays power-law spatial
decay, can mediate coherent and topological long-range interactions when many
emitters exchange energy through Weyl photons. Furthermore, by exploiting the
topological protection of Weyl points, we provide a recipe to tune the range of
the mediated interactions while keeping their power-law nature, something not
possible in any other photonic platform. Thus, Weyl photons enable coherent,
tunable, long-range interactions between emitters, and therefore can become a
very valuable platform in the context of quantum simulation.

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