Quantum image distillation. (arXiv:1907.06526v1 [quant-ph])

Imaging with quantum states of light promises advantages over classical
approaches in terms of resolution, signal-to-noise ratio and sensitivity.
However, quantum detectors are particularly sensitive sources of classical
noise that can reduce or cancel any quantum advantage in the final result.
Without operating in the single-photon counting regime, we experimentally
demonstrate distillation of a quantum image from measured data composed of a
superposition of both quantum and classical light. We measure the image of an
object formed under quantum illumination (correlated photons) that is mixed
with another image produced by classical light (uncorrelated photons) with the
same spectrum and polarisation and we demonstrate near-perfect separation of
the two superimposed images by intensity correlation measurements. This work
provides a novel approach to mix and distinguish information carried by quantum
and classical light, which may be useful for quantum imaging, communications,
and security.

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