Quasidistribution of phases in Raman process with weak and strong pumps. (arXiv:1907.06467v1 [quant-ph])

Nonclassicality is studied through a quasidistribution of phases for the
Raman process under both weak and strong pump conditions. In the former case,
the solution is applicable to both resonant and off-resonant Raman processes,
while strong classical pump is assumed at resonance. Under weak pump conditions
(i.e., in a complete quantum treatment), the phase difference of phases
described by single nonclassical modes is required to be filtered to describe a
regular distribution function, which is not the case with strong pump. Compound
Stokes-phonon mode shows nonclassical features of phases in both weak and
strong pumping, which effect is similar to that for compound pump-phonon
(Stokes-anti-Stokes) mode with weak (strong) pump. While anti-Stokes-phonon
mode is observed to be classical and coherence conserving in strong pump case,
pump-Stokes mode shows similar behavior in a special case in quantum treatment.

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