Self-guaranteed measurement-based quantum computation. (arXiv:1603.02195v3 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

In order to guarantee the output of a quantum computation, we usually assume
that the component devices are trusted. However, when the total computation
process is large, it is not easy to guarantee the whole system when we have
scaling effects, unexpected noise, or unaccounted correlations between several
subsystems. If we do not trust the measurement basis nor the prepared entangled
state, we do need to be worried about such uncertainties. To this end, we
proposes a "self-guaranteed" protocol for verification of quantum computation
under the scheme of measurement-based quantum computation where no
prior-trusted devices (measurement basis nor entangled state) are needed. The
approach we present enables the implementation of verifiable quantum
computation using the measurement-based model in the context of a particular
instance of delegated quantum computation where the server prepares the initial
computational resource and sends it to the client who drives the computation by
single-qubit measurements. Applying self-testing procedures we are able to
verify the initial resource as well as the operation of the quantum devices,
and hence the computation itself. The overhead of our protocol scales as the
size of the initial resource state to the power of 4 times the natural
logarithm of the initial state's size.

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