Semiclassical evolution in phase space for a softly chaotic system. (arXiv:1907.06298v1 [nlin.CD])

An initial coherent state is propagated exactly by a kicked quantum
Hamiltonian and its associated classical stroboscopic map. The classical
trajectories within the initial state are regular for low kicking strengths,
then bifurcate and become mainly chaotic as the kicking parameter is increased.
Time-evolution is tracked using classical, quantum and semiclassical Wigner
functions, obtained via the Herman-Kluk propagator. Quantitative comparisons
are also included and carried out from probability marginals and
autocorrelation functions. Sub-Planckian classical structure such as small
stability islands and thin/folded classical filaments do impact semiclassical
accuracy, but the approximation is seen to be accurate for multiple Ehrenfest

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