Theory of optically-induced dispersion forces between weakly-disordered Van der Waals crystals. (arXiv:1903.06280v1 [cond-mat.str-el])

We describe a many-body theory for interlayer dispersion forces between
weakly disordered atomically-thin crystals and numerically investigate the role
of disorder for different layer-separation distances and for different
densities of optically-induced electrons and holes. In contrast to the common
wisdom that disorder tends to enhance the importance of Coulomb interactions in
Fermi liquids, we find that short-range disorder tends to weaken interlayer
dispersion forces. We demonstrate that disorder alters the scaling laws of
dispersion forces and we comment on the role of the maximally-crossed
vertex-correction diagrams responsible for logarithmic divergences in the
resistivity of two-dimensional metals.

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