PhD position: Genuinely quantum stochastic processes

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Project Description
Any application that aims to harness the power of quantum effects will inevitably be plagued by noise due to its surroundings. Generally, this leads to complex dynamics with memory effects, known as non-Markovian dynamics. With the increase of miniaturisation and read-out frequencies, the influence of such effects will become even more prominent in the future. In this project, the successful applicant will investigate the genuinely quantum nature of non-Markovian dynamics.

While noisy processes are well-understood in classical physics, the situation is much murkier in the quantum regime. The overarching goal of this project is the classification of the entanglement structures of genuinely quantum processes and their potential uses in quantum technologies. Specifically, by utilising both many-body entanglement theory as well as a recently developed framework for the analysis of quantum processes with memory the project aims to investigate non-classical correlations in non-Markovian processes. The corresponding research will be a good mixture of foundational and practical topics, including avenues for experimental collaborations.

Applicants should hold a first class Honours degree (or equivalent) and should have a strong background in undergraduate theoretical physics. In addition, the advertised position would suit an applicant with experience of and an interest in programming. Prior experience with quantum information theory, and in particular, entanglement theory is highly desirable.

Supervisor details: Kavan Modi, Monash University (kavan.modi (at)

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