Quantum information and many-body theory

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Our leading group is concerned with research in quantum information theory, condensed matter theory and the intersection between the fields.

- We ask what information processing tasks are possible using single quantum systems as carriers of information. We think about the mathematical-theoretical foundations of quantum information, specifically about the theory of entanglement and questions of tomography, but also about ways of realizing topological quantum computing.

- A main emphasis of our theoretical research is in condensed matter theory, concerning static properties of quantum many-body systems, their efficient numerical simulation, as well as their quantum dynamics in non-equilibrium. Methods of tensor networks play a special role here.

- We are also involved in identifying quantum optical realizations of such ideas, specifically using light modes or cold atoms in optical lattices.

Characteristic for our work is to be guided by the rigor of mathematical physics, but at the same time to be deeply pragmatically and physically motivated, which often leads to collaborations with experimentalists.