We perform theoretical research in Quantum information, Quantum optics, Quantum complexity, Many-body theory, Cold atoms and Quantum phase transitions.

Head: Prof. F. Illuminati

Marcos Saraceno.

TANDAR Laboratory, CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Permanent Staff:
Marcos Saraceno, Eduardo Vergini, Alejandro Rivas, Maria Elena Spina,
Gabriel Carlo, Leonardo Ermann.

PhD students:
Juan Pedrosa, Lisandro Raviola

The group works on a very broad spectrum of problems, from standard quantum optics, through physics of matter, to quantum information theory, and physics of ultracold atoms.

The quantum part of CNQO consists of Prof Stephen Barnett (FRS), Dr John Jeffers, Dr Daniel Oi and Dr Shashank Virmani. We are part of QUISCO, the quantum information network in Scotland. Recently joining Strathclyde Physics is Stefan Kuhr as the new Professor of Experimental Quantum Information.

Head: Emili Bagan Capella

1. Quantum state estimation.

2. Characterization of entanglement: quantitative and qualitative measures. Detection of entanglement using witness operators. Characterization of entanglement in strongly correlated systems.

3. Bell inequalities and foundations of Quantum Mechanics.

4. Implementations of Quantum Computation and Quantum Algorithms in physical systems: angular momentum of photons. Continous variables systems, microtraps with cold atoms...
Permanent Staff

Lluis Ametller

Emili Bagan

Marià Baig


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