Date/Time: 29th October 2013 2pm GMT
Speaker: Renato Renner (ETH Zurich)
Title: Does freedom of choice imply that the wave function is real?

Please note the unusual starting time of 10pm UK time due to the speaker being in Australia.

Date/time: Tuesday 18th June 2013 2pm BST/UTC+1
Speaker: Bill Wootters (Williams College)
Title: What is the origin of complex probability amplitudes?

Date/time: Mon. 27th May 2013 3pm BST (UTC+1)
Speaker: David Poulin (University of Sherbrooke)
Title: Tradeoffs Between Thermal and Quantum Fluctuations in 2D Quantum Memories

This is our "Nobel Prize" lecture. Dietrich is a long time colleague of David Wineland at NIST and will tell us about the latest research from the Ion Storage Group.

To join the hangout or watch the livestream go to at the appointed hour. Please note the unusual start time of 5pm BST(UTC+1)

Date: 23rd April 2013 5pm BST(UTC+1)
Speaker: Dietrich Leibfried (NIST)
Title: Towards scalable quantum information processing and quantum simulation with trapped ions


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