The QUROPE Workpackage 2 will not make any warranty (neither explicit nor implicit) that whatever a user can add to the Quantiki version of its documents (regardless of its relevance to the subject), will be published in the final version delivered to the European Commission. Moreover, no part of the Quantiki version of the aforementioned documents should be quoted as an excerpt coming from a QUROPE Workpackage 2 document unless that part appears also in the QUROPE Workpackage 2 official versions. In particular no QICS code that appears only in the QICS Quantiki version, and not in the QUROPE Workpackage 2 official one, should be quoted and/or used.

Moreover, in no case should the QUROPE Workpackage 2 be held responsible for any kind of content that users may add in the Quantiki version of its documents.

On the other hand, the QUROPE Workpackage 2 shall regularly check the Quantiki versions of its documents, and send pertinent contributions to the relevant person (usually a member of the Roadmap Committee) who will decide on the possible inclusion of suggested changes; approved contributions will appear in the following release of the relevant document.

The modification of the Quantiki versions of the QUROPE Workpackage 2 documents implies the full acceptance of the conditions stated above.

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