List of QC simulators


  • QX Simulator
    • description: QX is a high-performance universal quantum computer simulator which simulates the execution of quantum circuits on perfect or error-prone quantum computers. The input of the QX simulator are quantum circuits which are described using a simple quantum assembly language (QASM).
    • webpage:
    • status: active
  • Quantum++
    • description: Quantum++ is a C++11 general purpose quantum computing library, composed solely of template header files. Quantum++ is written in standard C++11 and has very low external dependencies, using only the Eigen 3 linear algebra header-only template library and, if available, the OpenMP multi-processing library.
    • author: Vlad Gheorghiu, vgheorgh AT gmail DOT com
    • webpage:
    • status: active, version 1.0 - Release Candidate 4, released on 24 January 2018 under the MIT License
    • Copyright (c) 2013 - 2018 Vlad Gheorghiu
  • qsims
    • description: a general-purpose quantum simulation software package, capable of simulating the dynamics of systems with a wide range of Hamiltonians
    • webpage:
    • status: active, under development
  • Quantum Computer Language
  • Quantum Network Computing
  • QuIDDPro
    • description: Uses the Quantum Information Decision Diagram (QuIDD) datastructure to simulate a number of important circuits using asymptotically less runtime and memory resources than simulation techniques based on explicit matrices and vectors.
    • webpage:
    • status: finished




GUI based

  • Linear Al
    • description: quantum development environment; research, design and teaching tool for quantum computing and quantum information
    • webpage:
    • status: active
  • QCAD
    • description: Windows-based environment for quantum computing simulation (Open Source)
    • webpage:
    • status: active
  • Quantum Fog
    • description: quantum simulator (and graphic programming language) that uses quantum generalization of Bayesian Networks; works only on MacOS X (10.2 or later)
    • webpage:
    • status: alive


  • jQuantum - Quantum Computer Simulator
  • QuanSuite
    • description: Suite of 7 Java applications, all based on a common class library called QWalk. Each application compiles a different kind of evolution operator.
    • webpage:
    • status: alive
  • qMIPS101
    • description: two quantum computing Java applications: Qubit101 an usable and efficient quantum circuit simulator and qMIPS a simulator of a processor with an integrated quantum functional unit.
    • webpage:
    • status: active
  • QuSAnn (and Multiplexor Expander)
    • description: 2 Java applications. QuSAnn outputs quantum circuit for doing simulated annealing on a quantum computer. MultiplexorExpander is a utility tool that expands quantum multiplexor gate into sequence of more elementary gates.
    • webpage:
    • status: alive


  • jsqis - Javascript Quantum Information Simulator
    • description: a quantum simulator for use in the browser, emphasizing a complete, precise, visual representation of quantum bits and registers
    • webpage:
    • status: active




  • Quantum Information Programs in Mathematica
  • TRQS
    • description: package for Mathematica computing system allowing to generate true random quantum states. It can be used with Quantis random number generator or QRNG service as a source of randomness.
    • webpage:
    • status: active



    • description: toolbox for quantum information theory and entanglement
    • webpage:
    • status: active
  • Quantum Computing Functions for Matlab (QFC)
  • Quantum Octave



Online Services

  • Fraunhofer Quantum Computing Simulator
  • Quantum Walks
    • description: Online calculator for simulating quantum walks on cycles hosted at The National University of Ireland, Galway.
    • webpage:
    • status: unknown
  • Quantum Circuit Simulator (Davy Wybiral)
    • Description: Online point-and-click circuit simulator written in Javascript using NumericJS.
    • Webpage:
    • Status: Complete



  • PyQu
    • description: High-level quantum programming in Python (C extension module using libquantum).
    • webpage:
    • status: under developement
  • QuTiP
    • Framework for solving open quantum systems using a wide range of master equation and stochastic methods. Also quantum optimal control modules for control pulse engineering.
    • webpage:
    • status: active


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