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Seeking bold quantum developer for classical simulation project with matchgates

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Application deadline: 
30 Sep 2014

We are a database startup, founded in 2009 in Toronto. Our team consists of a diversity of experts in various fields of classical/quantum computer science from around the planet. Part of our R&D includes the pursuit of efficient classical software for universal quantum computation. It is believed that P != BQP, but there is no hard evidence to prove that statement as true.

If you join the team you will be working with another post doc (formerly based in Singapore, now Tokyo). You must be a solid programmer - someone who can implement software experiments quickly.

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Quantum Sensing and Metrology

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Application deadline: 
24 Sep 2014

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in networked quantum enhanced sensing, in the group of Animesh Datta in the Department of Physics, University of Oxford.

The post is available initially for fixed-term duration of 24 months, with the possibility of extension for a further 12 months. This vacancy is conditional on the outcome of the NQIT grant application, with confirmation expected mid-September.

The post will involve designing quantum-enhanced multi-parameter sensing strategies.

PhD research at Nottingham Trent University

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Application deadline: 
5 Sep 2014

Applications are invited for an NTU Studentship in the area of quantum information processing with applications to quantum technologies. For more, please see:


Entry requirements
Applicants are expected to be highly motivated and creative individuals with strong academic records in either mathematics or physics.

Postdoctoral position in experimental quantum computing with neutral atoms

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Application deadline: 
15 Sep 2014

Experimental quantum computing with optically trapped Cs atom qubits.

Postdoctoral and PhD positions on solid-state quantum photonics

We are seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows and PhDs for theoretical and experimental work on solid state quantum photonics, nanophotonics, nanofabrication, optomechanics, optical quantum computation algorithms and related fields.

Our primarily research interest includes development of solid-state efficient and highly pure single-photon sources, investigations of novel quantum materials (e.g.

Postdoctoral researcher in quantum information at Louisiana State University

Basic information
Application deadline: 
2 Sep 2014

The Quantum Science and Technologies Group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Louisiana State University invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher position. The position is open to those having an active interest and track record of publication in theoretical aspects of quantum information science, such as quantum information theory, quantum error correction, quantum computational complexity theory, or quantum optical communication. The candidate's expertise would ideally add to and complement the existing expertise of the QST group, whose faculty members include Mark M. Wilde, Hwang Lee, and Jonathan P. Dowling. The position will ideally begin in September 2014 or some time later by mutual agreement.