Quantiki Video Abstracts


The purpose of this section is to provide brief video abstracts to recent papers on the arXiv. The abstracts provide a "teaser" for the paper and should guide the audience into your work, emphasizing what you think is the most important result. Everybody is welcome to contribute - just take out your webcam/digicam and upload a new video! You will need an account for that (Join Quantiki!). Please keep the video within a time-frame of 3-6 min, and the file size below 120MB. If your file is too large you can compress it to AVI (for instance with VLC Player). We have experienced problems with WMV files so please convert them first. Processing the video after submission can take up to 30 min. You can add a link to your video abstract on your arXiv post using the Report No on http://arxiv.org/jref (this will not create a new version). See here for a short tutorial.

This project has been initiated and maintained by the Quantum Informaton group at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences of Imperial College.

After-gate attack on a quantum cryptosystem

Paper info
ArXiv link: 1009.2683
Authors: C. Wiechers, L. Lydersen, C. Wittmann, D. Elser, J. Skaar, C. Marquardt, V. Makarov, and G. Leuchs
Speaker: Christoffer Wittmann

Noise correlations of one-dimensional Bose mixtures in optical lattices

Paper info
ArXiv link: 1002.4918
Authors: Anzi Hu, L. Mathey, Carl J. Williams, Charles W. Clark
Speaker: Anzi Hu and Ludwig Mathey

Indirect quantum tomography of quadratic Hamiltonians

Paper info
ArXiv link: 1004.5018
Authors: D. Burgarth, K. Maruyama, F. Nori
Speaker: Koji Maruyama

Distinguishing quantum and classical transport through nanostructures

Paper info
ArXiv link: 1002.3020
Authors: Neill Lambert, Clive Emary, Yueh-nan Chen and Franco Nori
Speaker: Neill Lambert

Noise-enhanced classical and quantum capacities in communication networks

Paper info
ArXiv link: 1003.5877
Authors: Filippo Caruso, Susana F. Huelga, Martin B. Plenio
Speaker: Filippo Caruso

The power of symmetric extensions for entanglement detection

Paper info
ArXiv link: 0906.2731
Authors: Miguel Navascues, Masaki Owari, Martin B. Plenio
Speaker: Masaki Owari