2013 IEEE Symposium on Quantum Computing and Computational Intelligence


QCCI 2013

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Monday, February 4, 2013

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

As quantum information and computation research continues to develop, we will see increasing interest in adapting the philosophy of quantum computing, information theory and ideology into other, more traditional aspects of computational research. Although the hardware technology to realize quantum computing still yet to be materialized, research about the theoretical aspects of quantum computing and its ideology has enjoyed some success with artificial and computational intelligence.

This symposium focus on combining various aspects of quantum computing, information theory, and other aspects with existing fields in computational intelligence.


Some typical research areas that will be discussed in this special session include (but are not limited to) the following:

* Quantum inspired evolutionary computation, quantum inspired genetic algorithms.
* Quantum neural networks.
* Quantum and fuzzy computing systems.
* Evolutionary Techniques and Quantum Computing. Including: (a) use of evolutionary paradigms to create quantum circuits, quantum algorithms, quantum architectures and quantum games, (b) creation of new quantum algorithms and architectures inspired by the concepts of evolution and other biological ideas, (c) use of evolutionary algorithms to solve any practical problems in designing quantum devices.
* Quantum implementation of Computational Intelligence: many machine learning and problem-solving models known from Computational Intelligence such as Neural Nets, Bayesian networks, Logic Networks, Fuzzy Logic, state machines, evolvable hardware, etc., can be extended to those based on quantum circuits and automata.
* Computational Intelligence interacting with various aspects of Quantum information theory including error correction, teleportation, encryption/decryption, security, etc.
* Quantum game theory, applications of quantum games.
* Using GA, GP and other evolutionary and biological paradigms in all areas of quantum circuits, quantum information and quantum computing.
* Applications of quantum concepts in Computational Intelligence, Multimedia and Robotics.

This symposium is part of the 2013 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence.

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