Post-Quantum Security Models


PQSM 2010

Registration deadline: 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Submission deadline: 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

PQSM - Post-Quantum Security Models in Paris

In a post-quantum world, an eavesdropper is able to use quantum resources, possibly amounting to a large quantum computer, to process information. Thus, post-quantum attackers must be taken into account whenever security models and proofs are concerned, by both quantum and classical existing and future cryptosystems. And while we still do not know when, how or even whether we will enter a post-quantum era, there is already ground for common work between the quantum information and the cryptography community.

The objective of the workshop is to build scientific bridges between these two communities on topics of joint interest: from the state of the art and perspectives in the theory and design of quantum computers and eavesdropping attacks, to computationally secure and/or information-theoretically secure post-quantum cryptographic schemes, to analysis of the corresponding emerging post-quantum security models.

PQSM Topics

Provable security in complexity-based cryptosystems
Provable security in quantum cryptosystems (and other “physically-based” cryptosystems)
Proposals to model attackers in a post-quantum world
Evaluations of the impact of post-quantum attackers on practical quantum and classical cryptosystems
State of the art and recent developments towards post-quantum attackers