8th Workshop of Quantum Simulation and Quantum Walks 2018



Registration deadline: 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Submission deadline: 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


The University of Western Australia
31° 58' 52.2444" S, 115° 49' 11.676" E

This is the eighth international workshop on quantum simulation and quantum walks, following the successful series of conferences held in Tokyo (Japan, 2011, cancelled), Valencia (Spain, 2011), Okazaki (Japan, 2012), Pisa (Italy, 2013), Durban (South Africa, 2014), Yokohama (Japan, 2015), Prague (Czech Republic, 2016), Los Angeles (USA, 2018).

Invited Plenary Speakers:
Richard Jozsa (University of Cambridge)
Barry Sanders (University of Calgary)
Chaoyang Lu (University of Science and Technology China)
Jeremy O'Brien (University of Bristol)

Invited Keynote Speakers:
Dominic Berry (Macquarie University)
Jacob Biamonte (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)
Gavin Brennen (Macquarie University)
Norio Konno (Yokohama National University)
Nicolas Menicucci (RMIT University)
Jonathan Matthews (Bristol University)
Kavan Modi (Monash University)
William Munro (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
Kae Nemoto (Japanese National Institute of Informatics)
Xinhua Peng (University of Science and Technology China)
Jason Twamley (Macquarie University)
Peng Xue (Beijing Computational Science Research Center)

Organizing Committee:
Jingbo Wang (The University of Western Australia)
Jason Twamley (Macquarie University)
Gavin Brennen (Macquarie University)
Peter P. Rohde (University of Technology Sydney)
Yutaka Shikano (Keio University and Chapman University)

Note that the 2018 Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Congress will be held in Perth from December 9-14 (http://aip.org.au/event/2018-aip-congress/).

0th Edition: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan (March 29th-30th, 2011) cancelled due to earthquake. http://www.th.phys.titech.ac.jp/~shikano/dtqw/
1st Edition: Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular, Valencia, Spain (November 7th-10th, 2011) http://ific.uv.es/~perez/DTQW_Valencia.html
2nd Edition: Okazaki Conference Center, Okazaki, Japan (November 24th - 26th, 2012) http://qm.ims.ac.jp/qdqw/
3rd Edition: Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy (November 11th-15th, 2013) http://www.crm.sns.it/event/279/
4th Edition: Pumula Beach Hotel, Hibberdene, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (November 24th-28th, 2014) http://quantum.ukzn.ac.za/events/QSQW2014
5th Edition: Yokohama National University, Yokohama, Japan (November 16th-18th, 2015) http://qm.ims.ac.jp/qdqw2015/
6th Edition: Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic (November 17th-20th, 2016) http://wqsqw2016.phys.cz/
7th Edition: Chapman University, Orange, CA, USA (March 3rd-4th, 2018) https://www.chapman.edu/research/institutes-and-centers/quantum-studies/...