Author(s): Zichen Yang, Ze-Yang Fan, Liang-Zhu Mu, and Heng Fan
We investigate the optimal quantum state reconstruction from the cloud to many spatially separated users by a measure-broadcast-prepare scheme without the availability of the quantum channel. The quantum state equally distributed from the cloud to an arbitrary number of users is generated at each po...
[Phys. Rev. A 98, 062315] Published Tue Dec 11, 2018

Author(s): Joshua Combes and Daniel J. Brod
The self-Kerr interaction is an optical nonlinearity that produces a phase shift proportional to the square of the number of photons in the field. At present, many proposals use nonlinearities to generate photon-photon interactions. For propagating fields these interactions result in undesirable fea...
[Phys. Rev. A 98, 062313] Published Mon Dec 10, 2018

Author(s): L. Chakhmakhchyan and N. J. Cerf
Linear canonical transformations of bosonic modes correspond to Gaussian unitaries, which comprise passive linear-optical transformations as effected by a multiport passive interferometer and active Bogoliubov transformations as effected by a nonlinear amplification medium. As a consequence of the B...
[Phys. Rev. A 98, 062314] Published Mon Dec 10, 2018

Author(s): Cheng Sheng, Xiaodong He, Peng Xu, Ruijun Guo, Kunpeng Wang, Zongyuan Xiong, Min Liu, Jin Wang, and Mingsheng Zhan
As a conventional approach, optical dipole trap (ODT) arrays with linear polarization have been widely used to assemble neutral-atom qubits for building a quantum computer. However, due to the inherent scalar differential light shifts (DLS) of qubit states induced by trapping fields, the microwave-d...
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 240501] Published Mon Dec 10, 2018

We compute, using the method of large spin perturbation theory, the anomalous dimensions and OPE
coefficients of all leading twist operators in the critical ##IMG##
[] model, to fourth order in the
##IMG## [] -expansion. This is done

We formulate the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of dispersionless energy
eigenvalues (so-called ‘flat bands’) and their associated compact localized eigenstates in ##IMG##
[] -dimensional tight-binding
lattices with ##IMG## [] sites per

We revisit the classic Wigner semi-circle from two different angles. One consists in studying the
Stieltjes transform directly on the real axis, which does not converge to a fixed value but follows
a Cauchy distribution that depends on the local eigenvalue density. This result was recently proven
by Aizenman and Warzel for a wide class of eigenvalue distributions. We shed new light onto their
result using a Coulomb gas method. The second angle is to derive a Langevin equation for the full

The large deviations at ‘Level 2.5 in time’ for time-dependent ensemble-empirical-observables,
introduced by Maes et al (2008 Markov Proc. Relat. Fields 14 445) for the case of ##IMG##
[] independent Markov jump
processes, are extended to the case of open Markov processes with reservoirs: explicit formulas are

We rigorously discuss the large- ##IMG##
[] thermodynamics of a Bose gas
with a short-range two-body potential. Considering the system as a mixture of ##IMG##
[] identical components with a

We apply the GBDT version of the Bäcklund–Darboux transformation to the nonlocal NLS (focusing and
defocusing cases). The matrix case is included and solutions in the form of rectangular ##IMG##
[] matrix functions are dealt with.
In the case of the trivial initial solution, wide classes of the wave functions and multipole