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Quantum software is recognized as one of the major enabling topics in the Strategic Research Agenda of the Flagship Initiative on Quantum Technologies. However, the writers and endorsers of this Manifesto feel that it is necessary to step up the efforts to optimally represent quantum software in the Flagship Initiative.

This Manifesto therefore calls for increased awareness of the importance and urgency of

  • quantum software research,
  • an integrated approach to quantum hardware and software research and development,
  • collaboration between industry and academia to identify real-world problems that can benefit from small, imperfect quantum computers and demonstrate quantum computing applications, and
  • educating more quantum programmers.

Europe is ideally positioned to take on these challenges, as they play to the strengths of our world-class quantum software research groups. The Flagship Initiative on Quantum Technologies aims to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution and bring transformative advances to science, industry and society. Increased awareness of and support for all these aspects of quantum software will greatly increase our chances of achieving these ambitious goals.


Introducing ENIGMA; The future of Programming

GRAFFXX Data Design and Stratosphere Science Associates is currently developing a new platform for the swift programming of quantum computers via a cloud based network called ENIGMA. Enhanced Numerical Intuitive Grammatical Machine Algorithm which will be deployed in 3 phases beginning in late 2019. The first phase is entitled ENIGMA Genesis and will be the foundation platform for the following two phases which when combined will revolutionize the quantum programming world due to the extreme functionality of the design concept.
The scheduled release for phase one will be precluded by a public demonstration on the web which will preview a live programming procedure utilizing the ENIGMA platform and then the ease of function to input data via a cloud network to facilitate a solution based calculation using a quantum D Wave computer.
The vision of ENIGMA's creators is to be able to program a quantum computer in a rapid process without the long, arduous task of writing a complicated program for a solution that is not necessarily too complicated but requires a large amount of data crunching to produce reliable results.
The basic structure of the ENIGMA design is a user friendly AI / Human interface input device which when functioning will provide a method to program the processing center from a mobile device via an established cloud platform and will be able to be done by almost anyone with a good understanding of basic grammar.
The Difference between ENIGMA and other programming languages is the scaffolding of ENIGMA will incorporate a specific program built in to the input device which will utilize the Algorithm to intuitively assign parameters to the program through basic language identification credentials and then will be doubly verified by a secondary codex to ensure the program is really understanding the programmers intentions and not re creating a command on it's own.
The specific details will be covered in later releases of the Genesis phase one of the ENIGMA Project and will be open for questions and answers after release.
Phase two will build on the foundation of ENIGMA Genesis and will incorporate voice input for the ease of programming the quantum system and later the final Phase entitled Revelation will be the crowning jewel of the ENIGMA platform and will incorporate a heads up display isolation helmet with thought activated input and will create a vehicle for programming from many diverse mobility situations which may demand rapid calculations and will be deploy able with a mobile package for certain covert Military applications.
ENIGMA will not just be another programming Language software platform. It will be The platform of the future....Now.