ESA Call for Ideas on Quantum Information Processing

We are very pleased to announce the launch of this campaign by the European Space Agency (ESA):

Call for Ideas on Quantum Information Processing.

This Call for Ideas focuses on novel quantum information processing technologies or major advancements in currently proposed concepts that can be applied to ESA's activities.

In particular, quantum computing has the potential to improve performance, decrease computational costs and solve previously intractable problems in Earth observation (EO). It could become a key capability for demanding EO applications and techniques such as data storage and retrieval, image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and optimisation or simulation of complex systems.

The main aim of this call is to perform research on new and innovative scientific and technical concepts and techniques for quantum information processing. It could consist of  short joint research projects or co-funded research activity at PhD or post-doctoral level.

Please apply by Jan. 8, 2021.

Kind regards,
Bertrand Le Saux
ESA Φ-lab