Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QSilver


You have some introductory knowledge on the basics of quantum computing and programming and want to learn more? Take part in the Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QSilver and expand your knowledge. During this 1-week workshop, we will take the path through complex numbers to Shor’s Algorithm!

Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QSilver | May 17-22, 2021

About the workshop: Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QSilver is a one-week online workshop on quantum computing and quantum programming based on the intermediate material Silver prepared by QWorld. The scope of the QSilver workshop covers complex numbers and Bloch sphere, Quantum Fourier Transform and Shor’s Algorithm.

You may apply for the workshop by filling the application form until May 9, 2021. Homework will be given daily and the participants who successfully complete the homework will be awarded a Silver diploma.

About QWorld: QWorld is a global network of individuals, groups, and communities collaborating on education and implementation of quantum technologies and research activities. Our main aim is to have an open access and public global ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software by the year 2025 so that each interested hardworking individual, group, institute, or region can be easily part of the ecosystem.