IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory: special issue "Quantum Information Science"

Announcing the JSAIT special issue "Quantum Information Science¨

It will especially focus on Communication and Computing. It will aim to bridge theory, practice and basic science, ranging from the state-of-the-art in quantum computing, to communication, coding, cryptography, and compression, as well as the current challenges remaining. An overarching theme is how the information-theoretic and quantum-physical perspectives complement each other in building these quantum technologies.

Prospective authors are invited to submit original manuscripts on topics within this broad scope including, but not limited to:
Quantum Shannon theory
Quantum cryptography
Quantum algorithms and communication complexity
Quantum error correcting codes
Quantum estimation, metrology, and sensing
Quantum information measures

Guest Editors:
Andreas Winter (UAB Barcelona)
Emina Soljanin (Rutgers)
Bei Zeng (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and U Guelph)
John Calsamiglia (UAB Barcelona)
Mario Berta (Imperial College London)
Rahul Jain (CQT and National University Singapore)
Debbie Leung (IQC and U Waterloo)

Submission Guidelines:
Prospective authors must follow the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory guidelines regarding the manuscript and its format. For details and templates, please refer to the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory Author Information page. All papers should be submitted through Scholar One according to the following schedule:

Important Dates:
Manuscript due February 1, 2020
Acceptance notification June 1, 2020
Final to publisher July 1, 2020
Expected publication July/August 2020

Submission site: