New Construction for Quantum Foundation to identify Classical and Quantum Behaviours


Two chapters of Advanced Topics in Measurements published by InTech March 2012 using variant construction to show positive evidences to resolve wave-particle duality and Bohr-Einstein debates on the foundation of the Quantum Mechanics.

In relation to classical Young double slits experiments, EPR model, Bell Inequalities, Feynman Criteria and Bohr-Einstein debates, a set of predictions and conjectures are suggested.

In the Chapter 18: From Local Interactive Measurements to Global Matrix Representations on Variant Construction – A Particle Model of Quantum Interactions for Double Path Experiments, two conjectures are as follows:

Conjecture 1. Measurement results of Newton-Einstein-Feynman particles and Variant D-P models must obey Bell Inequations.

Conjecture 2. Measurement results of Young-Bohr-Feynman waves and Variant D-W models satisfy the same types of entanglement conditions.

For further detailed information, Please read the original paper.

It is better to read Chapter 18 before Chapter 17...