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QWorld welcomes you to participate in our global quantum jam “QJam2021” held online from Friday, Nov 26 to Sunday, Dec 5. QJam2021 is open to students, quantum enthusiasts, researchers, educators, teachers, artists, writers, designers, animators, software developers, game developers, programmers, and others. To inspire the participants, we will host several QJam Talks from November 22 to 25, and we will make a GitLab repo ready with several project ideas.

There will be no competition among the projects. Instead, the members of projects with high scores will get special certificates. Besides, we invite the members of each successful project to continue their work under QWorld until the end of Spring 2022.

We have several categories, included but not limited to:
- Quantum Education
- QJunior (with a focus on high school students)
- Quantum Games
- QArts such as QComics, QFiction, QAnimation, QShorts
- Quantum programming
- Quantum software
- Quantum applications
- Quantum libraries
- Outreach
- QEDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Quantum)
- (Using) free-access quantum hardware
- (Helping the growth of) open quantum ecosystem