QTech: Projects! Quantum Vision



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QTech: Projects #1 organized by QTurkey

QTurkey is excited to announce the launch of our new event, QTech: Projects! During this series, we will be listening to several research projects by graduate students working in the field of quantum technology.

Our first guest will be Lea Gassab from QuEst Group at KoƧ University! In this talk, she will present one of the current projects of their research group, where they study squeezed and entangled light. Her talk will conclude with plausible applications such as quantum pupillometry and biometrics in emerging technology.

If you would like to learn how biology and quantum mechanics intersect, come and join us on 16 January at 20.00 (GMT+3)!

Registration form: https://forms.gle/Mw4Hgi3ng23JwUcT8