QWebinar: My personal quantum software story: QuTiP and Unitary Fund by Nathan Shammah



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QWebinar: My personal quantum software story: QuTiP and Unitary Fund by Nathan ShammahWe invite you to the next QWorld seminar. In this talk, Nathan Shammah will speak about open source in science and specifically in quantum science. He will talk about his personal account that brought him from being a user of scientific software packages to a developer and maintainer (QuTiP). He will talk about Unitary Fund, a non-profit organization where he helps support the quantum-tech open source ecosystem and develop software for research on error mitigation with an extraordinary technical team. See the registration details below.

About the event:
Date: 18:00 (CET), May 13, 2020
Registration form: https://forms.gle/NMnQNUDbouERVvSR6
Moderators: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld & QLatvia) and Zoltán Zimborás (QWorld & QHungary)
Application deadline: 13th of May, 17:00 (CET)

About the speaker: Nathan Shammah is the CTO of Unitary Fund, a non-profit working with open-source software in quantum technology, supporting community projects, and developing in-house research. He is a theoretical physicist working on dissipative many-body systems and their cooperative properties. He is one of the lead developers of QuTiP, the quantum toolbox in Python. He obtained his PhD from the University of Southampton and was a postdoc at RIKEN, Japan, in the Theoretical Quantum Physics Laboratory. He is active in science communication and writes a monthly quantum tech newsletter.

About QWorld: QWorld is a global network of individuals, groups, and communities collaborating on education and implementation of quantum technologies and research activities. Our main aim is to have an open access and public global ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software by the year 2025 so that each interested hardworking individual, group, institute, or region can be easily part of the ecosystem.