Special issue on quantum data processing in Entropy

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Interest in the area of quantum computing is motivated by the prospect of utilising the power of quantum machines for solving challenging computational problems. This interest resulted in the development of new areas of applications covering possible utilisation of quantum mechanical principles in communication, data processing, and more recently in logic, game theory, artificial intelligence, and theory of programming languages.

This special issue aims to provide a forum for researchers from different research areas interested in applying principles of quantum mechanics in their area of specialisation. Contributions devoted to quantum programming languages, simulation of quantum systems, quantum-enhanced machine learning, and quantum information processing in complex systems are welcome. We encourage in-depth analysis of the use cases in the respective areas, including applications to real-world data and modelling of industrial, financial and sociological systems. Manuscripts devoted to demonstrating the strengths, as well as limitations of the data processing based on quantum principles of quantum mechanics are also welcome. We also encourage submissions analysing the efficiency of quantum programmes developed for current hardware platforms which take into account input data modification, imprecise implementation of the quantum procedures or various models used on current quantum computers.

Guest editor: Dr. Jaroslaw Miszczak, Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Puchała

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