Travel grants for US scientists to participate in Nordita/Mittag-Leffler conerence


Wenner-Gren Center

US NSF Travel Grant Program for Nordita/Mittag-Leffler
Conference on Quantum Information Theory 4-8 Oct. 2010

This program will provide funds to support travel and lodging for US scientists to participate in the International Conference on Quantum Information Theory to be held in Stockholm Sweden during 4-8 October 2010. Information on the conference is available at
The program is contingent on funding expected from the US National Science Foundation and will be administered by Tufts University. It is intended to cover most of the costs of travel and lodging.

In addition, funds are available to cover lodging for 1-2 weeks before or after the conference to participate in the fall programs at Nordita and Mittag-Leffler or to engage in collaborative research at other institutes in Scandanavia. For information on these programs see

Application deadline is 15 July 2010.

For additional information, download the pdf announcement or contact the PI, at