Variant Simulation System using Quaternion Structures


Quantum measures play a key role in quantum interactions. In this paper, a variant simulation system – a variant double path model – is proposed that uses multiple variable logic functions and variant principle schemes applied to input/output relationships as a variant quaternion. Under this mechanism, a two-state system of quantum interactions can be simulated by the variant double path model. Visual distributions can be expressed by their probability, synchronous/asynchronous, and symmetry/anti-symmetry statistical properties. The simulation system can output eight histograms with different symmetric properties. Sample results are illustrated by two groups of 16 histograms for their intrinsic distributions. Critical evidence from Afshar's experiments is discussed. This particle model is fully capable of simulating double path experiments in systematic methodologies.

Journal of Modern Optics
Volume 59, Issue 5, 2012
Variant simulation system using quaternion structures

DOI: 10.1080/09500340.2011.636152

Jeffrey Zheng* & Chris Zheng

pages 484-492

Available online: 02 Feb 2012

This paper provides a solid theoretical construction to support Afshar experiment to show the violation of Bohr Complementarity Principle in modern photon interactive experiments. Afshar experiment: