Warsaw Quantum Computing Group, Episode XVIII



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We invite you to the next (remote) meeting of the Warsaw Quantum Computing Group, 11.05 at 18:00 CEST! The talk "Qiskit Pulse: Programming Quantum Computers Through the Cloud with Pulses" will be given by Piotr Biskupski (IBM).

If you are interested, please register (no later than 10.05, EOD).

The quantum circuit model is an abstraction that hides the underlying physical implementation of gates and measurements on a quantum computer. For precise control of real quantum hardware, the ability to execute pulse and readout-level instructions is required. To that end, we introduce Qiskit Pulse, a pulse-level programming paradigm implemented as a module within Qiskit-Terra. The capabilities of Qiskit Pulse were shown in our publication where we calibrate both un-echoed and echoed variants of the cross-resonance entangling gate with a pair of qubits on an IBM Quantum system accessible through the cloud. Qiskit Pulse allows users to explore advanced control schemes such as optimal control theory, dynamical decoupling, and error mitigation that are not available within the circuit model. during this session, we will show you how you can work in IBM Quantum Experience and Qiskit with Open Pulse.

One of the two official IBM Q Ambassadors in Poland - responsible for promoting knowledge and partnering with customers in the area of implementation and commercial application of quantum computer technologies. Currently employed at the position of IBM Security Pan-IMT Client Technical Professional, he is professionally responsible for technical support and design of the analytical systems IBM i2 EIA providing assistance in the prevention of fraud and criminal activity, as well as widely used in the departments of police, defence, intelligence and security of private sector groups. Since 2012 he has been successfully working with business partners and dispersed technical teams as a technical expert. Previously, for 17 years associated with the Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaƄ, his main interest and research hobby was nanotechnology and solid state physics. Long-time coordinator of the IBM Academic Initiative and a passionate about open source technologies. He promoted his experience in the field of IT for many years by organizing very popular lectures in the field of computer technology at many universities in Poland and abroad.