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An appointment as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) is available within the framework of the European Project Marie Curie Initial Training Network PICQUE-Photonic Integrated Compound Quantum Encoding http://www.picque.eu/ and http://www.picque.eu/esr1-project-quantum-walk-with-integrated-photonics/

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Frontiers in Modern Optics Summer School will be held from 30 June-5 July 2014 as part of the Enrico Fermi International Summer School Series.

The Enrico Fermi International Summer School is one of the most celebrated events of its kind and has counted amongst its attendees several Nobel Prize winners. This prestigious event will be held at Villa Monastero, in Varenna, on the shores of Como’s Lake (Italy).

The Quantum Computing Lab in the Centre for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems at the University of Technology, Sydney invites applications for PhD positions and expressions of interest for postdocs.

The QC lab works on a wide range of topics including, quantum Shannon theory, computational complexity, many-body physics, quantum error-correction, quantum simulation, and quantum computing architectures. We are particularly interested in mathematically rigorous and interdisciplinary approaches to these topics.

We'd like to announce the next Q+ hangout. To watch live, visit https://plus.google.com/events/cqeq9mqlqt7se88opc76i3iqaho at the appointed hour. Be aware of the fact that although North America has switched to DST, the UK has not yet and the time is still listed in GMT/UTC.

Date/time: Tuesday 25th February 2014 2pm GMT/UTC
Speaker: Tobias Fritz (Perimeter Institute)
Title: A Combinatorial Approach to Nonlocality and Contextuality

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Friday, March 14, 2014

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Cryptology is an area of study and research which has numerous applications especially in the area of information and communication technology. The 4th International Cryptology and Information Security Conference 2014 (Cryptology2014) is one of the many steps towards enhancing and realizing research and applications of cryptology in Malaysia through research collaboration and discussion with research counterparts from the international arena.


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