2 PhD positions (experiment) at the University of Bonn, Germany

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Friday, November 18, 2022

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The Quantum Fluids of Light group led by Julian Schmitt at the Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bonn (Germany) is inviting applications for 2 PhD positions. The positions are funded within an ERC Starting Grant (TopoGrand). The successful candidates will collaborate with national and international partners. The specific research aims are as follows:

1) PhD position in experimental quantum optics ‘Non-Hermitian Topological States with Photon Condensates’: the successful candidate will work on nanostructuring techniques and a microcavity apparatus, along with state-of-the-art imaging and spectroscopy setups, to control lattices of photon condensates. A central goal of the project is the identification and characterisation of topological phase transitions in the open photonic quantum system.

2) PhD position in experimental quantum optics ‘Finite-Temperature Topology Emulation with Photons’: the successful candidate will develop a new optical pumping scheme to control non-Hermitian topological phases in arrays of photon condensates. A central goal of the project is engineering of reservoirs for photon condensates to study topologically protected quantum states subject to statistical fluctuations.

Candidates should send a full CV including certificates to schmitt@iap.uni-bonn.de and provide contact details for a referee. Further information on the positions is available upon request. The deadline is November 18th, 2022. Later applications will be considered in case the positions will not have been filled. The expected starting date is early 2023 (partially negotiable). We are looking forward to receiving your application!

The salary is based on the German TV-L E13 pay scale. All appointments will be for 4 years, at 65% E13 for the PhD students.

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