International PhD Project: Physics of Future Quantum-Based Information Technologies

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

We offer 12 PhD positions at the GdaƄsk University. This PhD project is organized by the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics and the Institute of Experimental Physics.

The activities within the project include active participation in one of the research projects:

  1. Quantum communication and quantum techniques.
    a. Study of novel multi-photon entangled states, and new ways to generate and to analyze entangled states in the experiments.
    b. Limitations of quantum informational processes.
  2. Characterization of information processing by quantum networks with noise.
  3. Bound entanglement and quantum information processing.
  4. New approach to statistical description of quantum dynamical systems.
  5. Spectroscopic characterization of materials for quantum processing.
  6. Characterization of fluoride and oxide materials doped with selected Ln ions for purpose of photon down conversion and cascade emission.
  7. Modern persistent luminescence and storage materials.
  8. Resonance excitation energy and polarization transfer in nanolayers.