Multiple Postdoc and PhD positions on Topological Matter and Quantum Computing

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

In the Physics Department of the University of Cologne, the laboratory of Prof. Yoichi Ando works in the field of topological matter and is trying to realize topological quantum computing. To address this goal, three key elements -- materials synthesis, nanodevice fabrication, and ultra-low-temperature measurements --- are synergistically performed in the same lab. Multiple Postdoc and PhD positions are available within the newly-granted Cluster of Excellence “ML4Q” (Matter and Light for Quantum Computing) as well as the ERC Advanced Grant “MajoranaTopIn”. The concreate research areas for the open positions are the following.

I. Qubit Experiments: Fabricate and characterize superconducting Qubits based on Majorana fermions; perform proof-of-principle experiments of topological quantum computing using microwave techniques.

II. Topological Devices: Fabricate various types of nanodevices based on topological materials and measure them in dilution fridges to address novel quantum phenomena such as non-Abelian statistics.

The postdoc contract will be initially for 3 years, and depending on the individuals, an extension of the employment up to 6 years is possible, so that a talented early-career researcher can develop his/her own research profile and to complete the German habilitation. The postdoc positions are paid on the basis of a full time job at the level of TV-L E13. The PhD positions are on part time basis 50% of TV-L E13 in the 1st year, and 75% afterwards. Primary consideration will be given to applications arriving before Dec. 15, 2018. On the website of the group you will find the link to the official advertisement (

The University of Cologne promotes equal opportunities and diversity in its employment relations. Women are expressly encouraged to apply and given priority. Severely disabled applicants of equal merit and qualifications will be given priority.

Please send your application to:
Prof. Yoichi Ando
University of Cologne, Physics Institute II, Zuelpicher Str. 77, 50937 Cologne
phone: +49 (0) 0221 470 3570