Applications are invited for one Postdoc position in Theoretical Physics in the field of Theoretical Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Photonics. The position is initially for 1 year but can be extended for up to 4 years, depending on satisfactory performance, determining the continuation of the funding.

(1) The theoretical quantum optics and ultracold atoms group led by Hsiang-Hua Jen is hiring one or two postdoctoral researchers to investigate subjects of light-matter interactions of quantum interfaces. The group is based at Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences of Academia Sinica (inside National Taiwan Univ.) at Teipei, Taiwan.

(2) The main task of the postdoc involves studies of collective effect in EIT, spin excitations of NV centers, cooperative emissions, or GP equation simulations of spinor BEC.

We are currently looking for a highly motivated and skilled postdoc/experienced researcher to join the new Quantum Many-Body Dynamics group at Sofia University. We are interested in a broad range of topics revolving around the field of quantum many-body systems [non-equilibrium quantum dynamics, condensed matter theory (phase transitions, critical phenomena), AMO physics, and statistical physics], developing techniques and ideas from Deep Learning for quantum systems.

The Quantum Nonlocality, Foundations and Information group led by Yeong-Cherng Liang is hiring two postdoctoral researchers to work on topics pertinent to quantum resources (entanglement, Bell nonlocality, etc). The group is based at the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) at Tainan, Taiwan but maintains active international collaborations with prominent researchers from various institutions.

We are the Quantum Circuits Research & Engineering Workgroup (qcrew) in Singapore. We focus on building quantum devices using superconducting circuits to provide crucial building blocks for quantum computers and versatile testbeds for exploring novel phenomena in quantum physics. We have multiple Ph.D and post-doc openings for motivated young scientist with backgrounds in experimental physics or engineering to join our team. For more details, go to our team website at or contact Yvonne directly.


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