Paderborn University is a high-performance and internationally oriented university with approximately 18,000 students. Within interdisciplinary teams, we undertake forward-looking research, design innovative teaching concepts and actively transfer knowledge into society. As an important research and cooperation partner, the university also shapes regional development strategies. We offer our around 2,600 employees in research, teaching, technology and administration a lively, family-friendly, equal opportunity environment, a lean management structure and diverse opportunities.

The Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS, is seeking exceptional candidates for the QuICS Hartree Postdoctoral Fellowships in Quantum Information and Computer Science.

One postdoctoral scholarship position is available in the group of Jorge Cayao at the Quantum Matter Theory Program at Uppsala University, Sweden. The group studies different topics in the field of condensed matter theory, including topological matter, non-Hermitian physics, Floquet phases, and odd-frequency superconductivity.


We offer two postdoctoral research positions in quantum information theory. Potential research topics include the following:

  • Quantum communications and quantum networking theory.
  • Theory of quantum key distribution or other quantum communications applications.
  • Quantum error correction, in particular in connection with modular quantum computation.

The compensation is in accordance with the OIST Employee Compensation Regulations and depends on the time since graduation.


We are looking for three Postdoctoral Research Associates for the EPSRC-funded project “Rubber DUQ: flexible Dynamic Universal Quantum programming” three years each. The project aims to prototype a quantum programming language based on categorical universal properties such as quantum information effects, implement a compiler, and quantify its robustness, and develop automated strategies to trade off resilience to noise against speed or accuracy.


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