The European Space Agency's Advanced Concepts Team ( is looking for a highly motivated young researcher with an interest in quantum technology – including quantum computing, communication and sensing – and foundational questions in quantum information theory. The precise areas of research will be partly chosen by you based on your expert judgements and insight into trends and developments, and partly chosen by the team so as to follow the Agency’s strategic directions.

The junior research group of Dr. Ondřej Černotík at Palacký University Olomouc invites applications for one PhD student and one postdoctoral researcher position. The successful candidates will conduct theoretical research at the interface of quantum optics and quantum technology in hybrid quantum devices comprising superconducting circuits, trapped ions, and levitated nanoparticles.

The Quantum Control Laboratory, School of Physics at the University of Sydney, offers PhD scholarships and postdoctoral positions (experiment and theory) in quantum simulations of chemical dynamics (recent work: This research is in collaboration with Prof. Ivan Kassal at the School of Chemistry.

Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Institute of Theoretical Physics
Research Associate (PostDoc) – salary grade 13 TV – L Berliner Hochschulen
part-time employment is may be possible


Research in theoretical quantum many-body physics within the scope of the project “Quantum States on Demand”, which is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation under a Freigeist Fellowship grant. The research is centered around the investigation of topological properties of open quantum many-body systems.


The art of measurement — made in Germany. Striving to perfect it is the mission of the 2100 employees of PTB, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt. As Germany’s national metrology institute and a leading center of research, we operate in an international environment to develop world-class measurement standards. We at PTB work to ensure that people and organizations can trust the measurements they use.


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